Old Friends

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Pants, Forever 21/ Boots, Cheap Monday/ Top, Karmaloop

I read a quote recently, “Talking to an old friend makes you realize how much your life has changed.” This quote really resonates with me as I make this blog post after weeks, more like months I guess, since my posts have become scarce. My life has changed to much since the last time I really made a post with my heart in it. I live in Japan, learning a new language, eating amazing food and I’m happy. For the first time in a long time I don’t know what to expect each day, and it doesn’t scare me, it’s exciting.

I started this blog a few years ago when I wasn’t in a good place in my life. I was feeling quite depressed and lonely. A lot had happened and it felt like things were falling apart. I needed a way to connect to people and bring some fun and happiness back into my life, so I started a fashion blog. I know that sounds stupid, some of you who are reading this are probably like “A fashion blog?? Why not join a club.” Something about putting thought into outfits and dressing up to create a persona to go with it was refreshing for me, like being something I wasn’t anymore. A strong, confident woman. And something I was hoping to become again. And I feel like when people say “fake it till you make it” really works when you want to feel good about yourself.

I’m not the same, sad girl that started this blog anymore. and I don’t feel satisfied posting photos of my outfits and leaving links to what I’m wearing. I still love fashion and this blog has given me opportunities that I didn’t even know could was possible. It means a lot that you all took time to read it.

I realize this sounds like a goodbye, but it’s not! I just need to change up things, perhaps talk to you guys more in the posts. I feel like youtube is definitely what I enjoy the most now, and I’m with an awesome network and have made so many great friends because of it. But youtube wouldn’t have been a possibility without this blog, so I don’t want friday night style to become an oversight. So I want this to become more than a fashion (I will still post outfits). I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do but I hope you guys can look forward to it with me! Nice talking to y’all again!!

Olivia Aimes

日本 Summer Lookbook


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Top, Gift From Friend/ Skirt & Jewelry, Ebay

Hello old friends, it’s been some time since we’ve last spoken on Friday Night Style. And yes I made it to Japan! It has amazing, stressful, beautiful, lonely, surreal and every extreme emotion. Moving to a new country is definitely not easy, it has been the hardest thing I’ve done in my life so far. But emotionally I needed this change and physically I hope it makes stronger. You can follow my exciting life in Japan on youtube, and I still don’t have internet so posts will be coming in slower for a while.

Olivia Aimes

YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/oliviaaimes


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Dress, You can find this exact dress on so many online stores/ Shoes, Ebay/ Necklace, Vintage

Hey loves! I wasn’t planning on blogging until I get to Japan next week, but it felt weird being away from y’all for so long. So let’s catch up; my blue hair has faded to green, I can’t seem to fit everything I want (not necessarily need) into my suitcases, and apartment hunting has been difficult and that’s putting it lightly (no one wants my dog), and it’s been a series of emotional goodbyes even though we have skype.

All that aside, I’m excited to start my life in Japan, and I have a good feeling that good things are coming my way there. It’s also made me realize how much my friends mean to me here, and how lucky I am to have them. It’s going to be hard not having them around during a big transition but I hope I’m lucky enough to create bonds there.

This dress arrived in mail a few weeks ago, but it had no card or indication of where it’s from. If you send this to me, please email me! Until I find out the details on this specific company, you all can find this dress at most Asia based online shops. I’ve seen it on quite a few so it shouldn’t be difficult.

Olivia Aimes

Super Dope Barbie

Sheinside, Sweater/ Ebay, Shorts/ Lips, NYX Stone Fox

So my boyfriend tells me I wear this sweater way too much and it’s true. It’s so comfortable! Ever since I moved out of my apartment and had to pack up everything, I haven’t bothered to unpack since I’ll just have to do it all over again soon. So I have very little to work with and an excuse to continue to wear my pink barbie sweater all the time.

Stone Fox by Nyx is what I’m wearing on my lips and it’s my favourite liquid lipstick currently. I’m so impressed at how pigmented it is for a grey, blue shade. They usually suck, so I always end up using eyeshadow pigments. I’m going to stock up before I head to Japan!

Olivia Aimes

Chella Fomo

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Top, H&M/ Shorts, Eclipse/ Glasses, Dressin

Hey y’all! So I’m moving to Japan in three and a half weeks but I had to leave my apartment a few days ago. So I’m in a temporary home right now. And this all happened unexpectedly so I wasn’t prepared which means I don’t have Internet and probably won’t for a while. I don’t think I’ll be able to get much up as far as blog posts and videos these next few weeks because things are crayyy crayyy and I still haven’t found an apartment in Japan.

But I have for you an outfit I wore on a random hot day a few days ago. And it always feels like a blogger victory when your top matches your wall. But seriously though, do these shades not give you major Coachella Fomo.

If you miss me, check out my YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/oliviaaimes

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Once Upon A White Dress

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I really do love this dress. It was a team effort designing and sewing it with my mom, so it holds sentimental value for me. But this will probably be the last time I wear it because I never did get around to sewing in a lining, and I probably never will. I only have 40 days until I move to Japan and I already miss working on sewing projects with my mom, which feels a bit silly because I’m going to see her tomorrow. And most likely everyday for the next 40 days.

Olivia Aimes

I Just Want To Paint My Face

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Top, Random shop/ Pants, H&M/ Boots, Steve Madden

Let’s first address the obvious, my hair is blue. And it took three days of bleaching, toning, and colouring. But now that I’ve done this process a few times, it’s becoming less and less complicated. I don’t recommend you do it yourself in case you guys were thinking, “if Olivia can do it, so can I!” One wrong step and things can go very, very wrong, Like your hair breaking off wrong. But if you do decide to do bleach your hair, do a lot of research! That’s it for my hair rant, and now back to fashion lol.

I wore this top a lot at the beginning of my blogging days, and I got it at a random store in a sketch mall, back in highschool. And now it’s the “it” thing to wear and you can find a version of this in any shop. It’s definitely faded over the years and now I can restock!

A few weeks ago by face had swollen up for a solid week (I don’t know why) and I had refrained from using makeup for a while. It feels so good to bring that girly girl back out. My recent favourite lip products has been the NYX lip lingerie and soft matte lip creams ever since they hit Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada. I’m wearing the lip cream in the shots above.

I do love makeup. What do you guys think of me posting on the subject?

Olivia Aimes

My Lipgloss Is Poppin’




Top, DIY/ Bra, Lasenza/ Leggings, Ebay/ Shoes, Wholesale Buying/ Necklace, Target

I have a bag full of clothes that I had buried in my closet, labelled as “get rid of.” But rummaging through it after months I realized there are some stuff I don’t want to get rid of anymore, or at least give it one more shot at styling. And these blue leggings was one of them, because my butt looks damn good in them! And yes, I’m wearing lipgloss for the first time since high school, and I’m loving it.

As for the sheer, printed top…I made it out of an old pair of tights! And if I want to find out how you can do the same, click HERE!

Olivia Aimes

In Time For Spring

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Sweater, Vintage/ Suspenders, H&M/ Shoes, Thrifted

Look who decided to come struttin’ into the blogger world again in blue ready for spring…me. But I’m sure you guys didn’t miss me because I’ve been really upping my youtube game these last few weeks ( That is if you’re a subby!). I’ve been DIYing my life since I need to save money for my move to Japan, and I’ve been documenting most of my projects. Join me on my money saving journey HERE! Also, I’m pretty sure my mom dressed me in this exact outfit as a kid. Somethings never change!

Olivia Aimes