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Plastic Skirt/ F21, Printed Tee/ H&M, Socks/ Soxbox

I have never been one to dress appropriately for the weather, I think it’s because I have a weak point for skirts and dresses. My means of warmth during the colder months are socks, whether it be thigh high or the regular ankle style. They are my favourite accessory right now, and I think it may be the only reason I have to look forward to snow. If you are not one to withstand cold winds but you love socks like me, there is always the option of pairing it over a pair of tights.

I have my rockstar skirt on that I bought at forever21 years ago. It’s made of mostly plastic and we have been seeing a lot of that on the runway. If you want to get that shiny look on an article of clothing you own, there is the option of smoothing on a layer of wax to get a similar effect if the fabric is durable enough.

-Olivia Aimes

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