Embellished Collars & Pearls


Embellished Shirt, Thrifted/ Skinny Pants/ Blue necklace, F21/ Hat, H&M

White and black compliment each other the best I find and makes anything look a bit more sophisticated. Not to mention that pairing the two shades has been really trendy this season. I was contemplating whether to wear my animal printed wedges but I really loved the way the black wedges sort of camouflaged with the skinny pants.

One of my greatest thrift finds has to be this pearl, embellished collar shirt. It’s the perfect loose fit and it has the pearl bottons that add more charm to it. Of course I had to add some colour into my outfits or I just won’t feel complete. I got this forever 21 multi toned blue necklace for christmas and it went really well against the white.

-Olivia Aimes

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  1. WoW I lOoovE this outfit ! So pretty 🙂 The necklace is amazing!

  2. thank you lovely! <3

  3. Love this! xx

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