Meet You At The Disco

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Disco Pants, America Apparel/ Bustier, Thrifted/ Rings & Hair bow, F21

I’ve had the infamous American Apparel disco pants in Charcoal for two years now and I have been quite pleased with the condition. It still looks brand new and it has seen it’s fair share of calamities such as spilled drinks and soy sauce. I’d say it’s a good closet investment if you are into all things high rise and shiny. And it went perfectly with this thrifted bustier that I found in the lingerie section.

My most beloved pair of shoes that I ever purchased is this animal print wedge that I found in a little shop in New York a few years ago. It was an inexpensive find, and it is pretty much destroyed as you can see. I have worn it almost everyday since I purchased it. But I just love it so much and I feel like all the tears and wears are proof of all the good times I had while wearing it. But I think it’s finally time to say goodbye to it. It’s always hard to part with shoes.

-Olivia Aimes

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4 thoughts on “Meet You At The Disco

  1. the disco pant is one of the best things i have ever bought, i’m planning to buy another color! I only have a pair in black, would you highly recommend the charcoal or the dark navy pair?

  2. OG pretty outfit!

  3. Absolutely love this outfit! Super stunning! <3

  4. […] with regular black pants and animal print wedges. (The same ones that I said I would get rid of in this post.) I added a little bow tie to finish the whole look […]

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