Studded Roman Princess



Tank, H&M/ Skirt, vintage/ Combat boots, vintage/ Belt/ Headpiece, DIY

After looking at these shots I clearly was inspired by the ancient Romans impeccable fashion sense. I have a new found respect for their style after a few hours of having to read on the topic for my fashion history course this past week. And I guess it’s brushing off in my wardrobe.

I can not recall where exactly I found this awesome multi strapped belt but it’s one of those things I will have a difficult time parting with when the time comes. The studs add a rockstar chic look along with my combat boots, something I seem to always need to incorporate in my looks. When going for a maxi skirt during the winter season I prefer ones that hug my body because it’s freezing where I live. And of course what’s a ancient Roman inspired outfit without a homemade headpiece.

-Olivia Aimes

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