Roses On Valentines Day

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Maxi Dress, Thrift/ Combat boots, Vintage/ Hat & Clutch, H&M

Whether you are a fan of Valentines day of not, it gives you the perfect excuse to dress up a bit more elegant than usual. I found this velvet, rose print maxi dress at a thrift shop a few months and it is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing I own. I feel like a red velvet cupcake every time I wear it. The rose print went perfectly with my rosette clutch from H&M. And of course I had to pair it with my combat boots and a hat or it just wouldn’t be me.

Have a super, chocolate covered Valentines Day <3

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-Olivia Aimes

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0 thoughts on “Roses On Valentines Day

  1. this look is so bad-ass girls where I live would die to look lik this, and ur hair color is great

  2. Thanks hun!

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