Peacock & Skater Skirt

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Shirt, F21/ Skirt, F21/ Tights, H&M/ Boots, Nine West

I wish for the sun to come out once in a while but spring is not too faraway now. Skater skirts are so fun to wear, they remind me of being a little girl again. I can’t help but twirl in them till I get so dizzy that I can’t seem to stand on my feet anymore. The tulle sewed underneath the skirt doesn’t allow it fall flat and I really like that about it. I had to pair it with an imperial blue crop shirt which goes so well will shiny gray tones.

The statement necklace I’m wearing was actually attached to a tank and I had to get the entire thing because I knew it would be an awesome piece to add to my jewellery collection. The embellished peacock headband I received as a gift from a childhood friend that a reconnected with recently. I have a secret peacock obsession and I can’t help but purchase anything with the slightest hint of the beautiful animal on it.

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-Olivia Aimes

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