Cardigans And Bow Ties

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Pants, H&M/ Cardigan, Bluenotes

I’ve had this cardigan for almost 4 years and I adore it now just as much as I did then. It gives an illusion of pinstripe shirt being worn underneath but it’s actually a part of the cardigan. I say that’s genius because it can get uncomfortable wearing a layer underneath a tightly fit cardigan, and not to mention the patches of scrunched up fabric that are impossible to smooth out. I paired it with regular black pants and animal print wedges. (The same ones that I said I would get rid of in this post.) I added a little bow tie to finish the whole look off.

-Olivia Aimes

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0 thoughts on “Cardigans And Bow Ties

  1. Bow ties look so good on women, I wish more would have the courage to give them a try! Great look.

  2. I agree, it’s masculine but on women it just gives such an authoritative chic look.

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