Country Chic

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Snood, Vera Moda/ Maxi Skirt, Mom’s/ Tee, H&M


Contrary to the title of this post, I am very much a city gal. I was born and raised around skyscrapers and a lot of traffic noise, and I love it. But every once in a while I get to visit the family farm that my grandfather left in the Pennsylvania country side, and during those summers I become a country girl. Even if it just for a few days. I can’t describe the peace that comes with the green hills and fruit trees, and getting lost on your way back to the house from fetching a few apples for dessert from the backyard.

I was always fascinated by the outfits all the women wore while working on the farm. Colourful maxi skirts paired with simple tees and scarves around their necks and sturdy boots. I loved how they were able to maintain their femininity while working in an environment that required heavy labour, and of course was my source for inspiration to create my own country girl look but with a little more chicness. I’m wearing a printed tee from H&M, paired with a geometrically patterned maxi skirt and a animal print snood. Country chic!

-Olivia Aimes

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