Warrior From The East

Top, Costa Blanca/ Skirt, Aliexpress/ Wedges, Express/ Cuff, F21/ Headpiece, India

I can see everything coming alive around me as winter is coming to an end, and the evidence of spring is all around me. Very poetic right? As a celebration of this beauteous time of year I thought I would go all out and bring in print, embellishment and gold into my outfit. The first thought that came to mind after seeing myself in the mirror is that I look like one bada** warrior from the far east, thus the creation of the title of this post.

The gold headpiece I’m wearing is in fact from the east. I bought it off a street vendor during my trip to India a few years ago. I believe the cuff is from Forever21 and it was a perfect match for the headpiece. The animal print, mullet skirt is from aliexpress and the embellished top is from a Canadian retailer Costa Blanca. There are a lot of elements going on but the similar colour tones keep it all balanced.


-Olivia Aimes

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