Peacock In A Tank Dress

Tank dress & socks, H&M/ Wedges, Express/ Peacock Crown, DIY

There seems to be a wild peacock in the woods who seems to have an awesome fashion sense.

I kept it simple and comfortable with a printed tank dress, something every girl needs as the weather starts to warm up. During the coming seasons you don’t want to be covered in layers in the heat. I topped it off with some black high socks with matching black wedges. I love how both blacks blend in together, from far it looks like a pair of boots. I’m rocking a blue choker that I found in a shop in Toronto a while back, it gives it a slight 90’s vibe (90’s baby pride). And the majestic peacock headpiece I made out of feathers and bits of fabric I had lying around. I’ve been wearing it every excuse I get and with it comes a lot of weird stares but it’s way to rad not to be on my head.

-Olivia Aimes

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0 thoughts on “Peacock In A Tank Dress

  1. i love this outfit and your blog 🙂

  2. Thanks Elna!

  3. Love it! Did you follow a video to make the headdress or have you got a tutorial on your blog? Would definitely love to try something similar 🙂


  4. Thanks! I made it just using runway ideas, I must just do a tutorial in the coming week if I have enough requests to see it. 🙂

  5. […] garments like one I’m wearing here are always beautiful and never get old. Sheers and tank dresses are trendy this season so a girls got to have a few in her closet. And I can never seem to get […]

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