Tribal Fashion


Fringe dress, F21/ Combat boots, vintage/ Side bag, Jamaica

One of my favourite styles to rock is tribal, I love the print and texture of outfits that are in this category. This camel coloured dress from forever21 definitely falls under tribal. It is a very loose fit so I chose to belt it, and of course lets talk about the awesome fringe on the sleeves. I couldn’t stop moving my arms while we were shooting, I was having way too much fun watching it.

The side back my sister got for me recently while vacationing in Jamaica. Each panel is intricately cut piece of coconut that was weaved together. The strap is made out of tiny circles of coloured wood with sturdy pieces of yarn holding it from coming a part. I think it is quite an extraordinary piece. Next time your traveling look around to see if you can find anything you can style into your looks.

-Olivia Aimes

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4 thoughts on “Tribal Fashion

  1. LOVE the headpiece! Has given me some inspiration for summertime crafts!

  2. I’m glad I can be the source of your inspiration xo

  3. I love your plane but gorgeous dress the most.It looks quite sexy and funky. Your hand bag is also a perfect one for any style.

    tribal fashion

  4. […] I chose my four favorite looks for March and they seemed popular with you guys as well. I am all about headpieces if I don’t have a hat on regardless of the season, I feel like they really create a statement. Embellished garments like one I’m wearing here are always beautiful and never get old. Sheers and tank dresses are trendy this season so a girls got to have a few in her closet. And I can never seem to get tired of fringe. […]

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