Simplified Ruffles Technique

oo o finally ruffly 3 3Today for Olivia’s Fashion School we’re going to be talking about ruffles. Gathering is a simple process in sewing that creates these pretty ruffles. We’re going to be looking at a simple version of doing this. Bring out your shears and let’s get started!


For Demonstrative purposes I will be using muslin for this tutorial. This fabric is great for practicing sewing techniques with. You will also need a sewing machine.


Choose the stitching option that is longest on your machine and sew one seam (line) at the edge of your fabric. Snip leaving enough thread to wrap around two fingers once done.


Pull the bottom thread gently and as you do so slide the gathering fabric towards the other end. You’ll see folds starting to form.


Once you gather up the desired amount you should get a scrunched up fabric like above. Just gently even out the space of the folds and you will have created ruffles! Remember to knot the ends!

-Olivia Aimes

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