Dancing In Floral & Silver

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Dress & Arm cuffs, F21/ Skirt, Somewhere in Europe/ Vintage, Boots/ Headdress, Flea Market/ Earring & Necklace, India

I woke up this morning with a desire to dance and for as long as I can remember the feeling is always accompanied by the need to dress up. In my strange mind one can not accomplish any coordinated dance moves when not dressed their best. I pulled out a floral skirt that would be perfect for twirling and a silver Forever21 dress I had cut into a top. And of course piled on as much jewelry as possible because nothing is complete without bling. The headdress is actually a necklace that I found in a flea market ages ago and the arm cuffs were bangles that were much too big for my tiny wrists. You can always find multiple purposes for pieces so keep your mind open and creative!

Day 2 of 30 days complete!

This is what was playing on repeat while dancing today:

Gipsy Kings – Un Amor

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4 thoughts on “Dancing In Floral & Silver

  1. Oh you look so pretty! I love your head piece!



  2. thank u lovely <3

  3. So gorgeous!

  4. I love all the accessories. Super pretty.

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