Metallics & McQueen

mcqueen mirror1

Metallic pieces are something that I can never get tired of whether it’s considered trendy at the time or not. I feel like I’ve traveled far into the future when wearing it because we all know metal, space dresses are going to be on the September issue of Vogue in year 2199. It can also take me into the past during the time of Pharaohs. A designer who often used metallic detailing was the late Alexander McQueen.

I remember in middle school when I really started getting into fashion design I spent every Sunday afternoon’s with my lunch in front of the t.v waiting for FT (Fashion Television) to come on. It was

there that I first fell in love with Alexander McQueen’s work. I think it was one of the first times I saw that creative boundaries can be pushed with fashion, and clothing can become art.

Thanks for being such a huge inspiration Alexander McQueen.

-Olivia Aimes

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