Get Started On Your Fashion Design Dreams


There are so many of you who want to pursue fashion design but feel like you don’t have any means to go about it. It’s actually not very complicated or expensive to start learning.

You can use pattern pieces when beginning to sew which is pretty much a template that can be traced onto fabric. Using a guideline I think is the best way to learn how to cut and measure. You don’t need the latest, greatest sewing machine, work with what you can get your hands on. I used my mom’s ancient, hand me down singer when i first started and it worked just as good. Keep practicing using this method and you will be able to develop your own unique design skills.

You can start putting your designs down on paper with just some pencil crayons and a sketchbook. Many people assume fashion designers have amazing drawing capabilities but that’s not always the case. As long as YOU can understand your drawings vision it can be a bunch of scribbles.

-Olivia Aimes

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