Punk A$$ Barbie






Beanie, ASOS/ Boots, UNIF/ Skirt, Vintage/ Pullover, Sheinside/ Jewelry, F21+Ebay

I remember counting about 33 barbies when I was eight or nine on top of my dresser, and that was just on my dresser. My mom estimates that I had nearly 100, now being an adult that seems crazy. I still have a few of my limited edition barbies in the original box and at times I find myself wanting to open them up, lay on the floor and play “barbie’s pool party” for hours like old times.

Fashion is like playing with barbies in real life and maybe that’s why I love it so much. I feel like I can become whoever I want to be any given day by what I wear. And today I feel like being a punk a$$ barbie.


Olivia Aimes

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