Styling White Leggings

This past Christmas my mom gifted me with a pair of white leggings, and I was a bit terrified at the idea of wearing it to be honest. I just could never visualize an outfit that made wearing white leggings fashionable. Since it was from my mom and I didn’t want her feelings to be hurt, I did what I thought was the impossible..styled white leggings!

And I documented it for you guys in the video above. It took a lot of experimenting to find two outfits but I feel pretty satisfied with it. The first look is more of an everyday look with a splash of washed out blue denim, which by the way I found looks absolutely amazing paired with white. And the second look works with print and spikes, definitely more for the bold and daring.

P.S I think I’m doing pretty good with the two videos a month new year’s resolution! Just 11 more months to go.


Olivia Aimes

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