Ce Rêve Bleu


Dress, Romwe/ Vest, Forever 21/ Boots, UNIF/ Rings, Ebay

Hello my lovelies! I bet you noticed the pics are a bit different today, and since I like how they turned out I’m probably going to keep it like this from now on. I hope you don’t mind!

Another day of blue velvet on the blog. I just can’t resist my favourite colour on my favourite fabric. This look is quite different from the last time I wore this dress, which was a lot more on the sophisticated side. I styled this look for more of an everyday wear by adding a moto vest on top and leaving my hair in a casual ponytail. Switching up a few elements can really change a look. I don’t think you have to own a lot of clothes and accessories to create stylish outfits, just a few staple pieces in your closet is all you need!


Olivia Aimes

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2 thoughts on “Ce Rêve Bleu

  1. extremely good job. !

  2. thanks xo!

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