L’hiver Dernier

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Hat & cardigan, Forever 21/ Dress & leggings, H&M/ Cuff & rings, Ebay/ Shoes, Thrifted

Hello my lovelies! Today’s outfit was purposefully very fall/winter. I had to wear one last fully, cold weather appropriate outfit with berry tones and black as a goodbye to one of my favourite winters in years. I loved layering and matching lip tones with outfits this season. Oh how I’m going to miss that.

I adore collecting H&M basics like this midi dress. It’s always super affordable, easy to layer and you can always dress it up with a statement necklace and accessories. And of course my infamous Forever 21 cardigan that you all have seen but I never actually spoken about. It’s black with pearl embellishments, I can wear it around my waist, and throw it on when it gets too cold. It’s really just been one of those closet essentials that I would not be able to survive without.


Olivia Aimes

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