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Dress & shoes, thrifted

Hello Dolls! If white was a colour, I think it would be my favourite at this moment. I am drawn to white shoes, walls, bedspreads, and even food… But most of all white dresses! I spend way too much time on pinterest looking at potential design inspirations for dresses that I can sew in the pretty white fabrics I’ve accumulated this last month (start excepting quite a few in upcoming posts)!

I was browsing my local thrift store for an upcoming photo shoot for one of my uni courses, and I thought this dress would be perfect. But as I was driving home the idea of sacrificing this dress without trying it on at least once didn’t seem right..and of course I HAD to feature it in a blog post as well. It wouldn’t be right not to share something so incredibly cute, and the vintage fabric details…one word: Love!

P.S. This morning I said my goodbyes to the little dress and I had half the mind to stick it back in my bag and ask my instructor for an extension to go find another dress…O_o


Olivia Aimes

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