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Top, Forever 21/ Skirt, Romwe/ Necklace & earrings, Gift from mom/ Boots & rings, Ebay

Hello my lovelies! I fixed my camera (I think I forgot to mention that I was having technical issues last time)! So many things have been going wrong as of late, but so many things are amazing, which is what at the end of the day matters. The only thing stopping you from having a good day is you making the conscious decision to be happy. So choose to be happy right now, and love fashion while you’re at it.

I’ve been itching for fall again, and I think that desire is showing in today’s post. I was about to type that Fall may be my favourite season, but I realize I say that about every season when the transition period gets close. I think I just get excited at the idea of changing up my style again. I’m definitely going to be adding a lot more tartan pieces for the upcoming season, like maybe this super, cute dress! I enjoy adding sporty chic elements into my outfits, it keeps the look from being too feminine, and also adds a casual factor.



Olivia Aimes

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