Storms Are Beautiful





Dress, Sheinside/ Tights, Topshop/ Boots, Jeffrey Campbell

Hello dolls! I come to you from the future! Just kidding, for some reason this dress always gives me the urge to say that. I feel like my childhood dream of wanting to be on Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century may finally be possible. All you 90’s kids know what I’m talking about!

I’ve been looking for new shooting locations for outfit posts which has proved to be difficult when you’re the one taking the pics yourself most of the time, and a lot of places in the city are very public. I don’t think I can do it without having red ears just yet. But these last few times have been a blessing with my photographer cousin taking the snaps. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, she does both photography and cake pop catering. You can check out her work HERE !

Olivia Aimes

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25 thoughts on “Storms Are Beautiful

  1. Love the Shoes, cool Outfit :)!

  2. We both have the Franz boot! Killer style, love this outfit <3

  3. Great dress and boots!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  4. Great outfit!

  5. Absolutely in LOVE in your boots! Bravo.

  6. wow sweety you look fantastic!

  7. your looks are always unique!
    you look great!:)

    ( IG : @Konstantina.A )

  8. You look amazing! This also reminds me of the 60s in a weird way lol almost like a more order nixed 60s style, I love it!

  9. Cool pairing! It does make you look like you were from the future. It’s quite an interesting outfit.

  10. Olivia, I’m seriously digging on this look. Keep going with the stealth location shots–it was absolutely worth the payout!

    Kerri Estella,

  11. Oh my gosh! I love those Shoes! They are great!!

  12. They look great but I can’t walk too far in them haha

  13. Thanks amber!!! Same to you xo

  14. Thanks!

  15. Thanks!

  16. Thank you xo

  17. Thanks!!!

  18. Thanks hun!

  19. Thanks!

  20. Thank you Anne!

  21. Thanks so much Kerri!!

  22. Thanks Jack!

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