Lacking Adjectives



Top, H&M/ Pants, Ebay/ Boots, Jeffrey Campbell/ Choker, O-mighty

Hello dolls! It seems every time I open up by laptop to do a post the sun decides to grace us here with it’s presence. I’m wearing a crop top from H&M, paired with high waisted pants which is simple and comfortable. I feel like I’ve been using the same two adjectives to describe my outfits as of late. I think that when the weather warms up I will start wearing more unpractical items that are restricting and uncomfortable for the sole reason of looking fashionable.

Olivia Aimes

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30 thoughts on “Lacking Adjectives

  1. GOTS to have the pants, they look amazing on you!! XOXO, daphny

  2. Loving your outfits and blog!


  3. Love the white pants-white boots combination 😀


  4. Great crop, lady!


  5. I really like it! So cool!

  6. Love your style!! Amazing boots! 😉
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

    My Showroom

  7. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out in my latest post.

  8. Great outfit! Love those shoes! X Minale

  9. Love the combo of white pants and crop top! Cool look!

  10. Great idea..liking the top a lot!

  11. Wow! This outfit is beautiful!! Great style.

  12. Thank you Kate!

  13. Thanks so much!

  14. Thanks!!

  15. Thanks!!

  16. Thanks!! <3

  17. Thanks!

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  19. Thanks!!

  20. Thank you!

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  22. Thanks for always stopping by xo

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  24. Coooooollll!!!

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