Never Ending Time





Pants, H&M/ Sweater, AEO/ Earrings, Forever 21/ Boots, UNIF/ Ebay, Hat & Choker

Hello dolls! I woke up at the peak of dawn today, well almost. It’s the best feeling when you wake up early and feel like you just added a few more hours to your day, which means you will get things on your checklist done. One of which is replying to comments! I even have time to eat a decent meal before I head to my Beyoncé inspired dance class. And no I’m not kidding. What’s a better way to work out than strutting it like the Queen B herself!

Olivia Aimes

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38 thoughts on “Never Ending Time

  1. amazing leopard trousers!

  2. Just saw you blog.Loved it 🙂 The photos are really amazing.I’m in love with those boots.

  3. Those leopard print trousers are fantastic! I think I need a pair like those. I like how the pattern in the trousers looks with the pattern in your cozy-looking sweater too.

  4. Ce pull est trop canon !! Joli association avec le pantalon ! des bises

  5. Thank you xo

  6. Thanks so much!

  7. thank you!

  8. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to comment directly under your messages so I will do one big group reply! <3

  9. Such a cool outfit! Love the printed pants <3

  10. Fantastic job on mixing prints! You look amazing!
    (thanks for the lovely comment on my blog <3)

  11. great shoes!!

  12. ommg!!!!!!! love the shoes

  13. I love the way you play with different prints, great job!!!! <3


  14. great shoes!!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  15. Love your look X

  16. Completely obsessed with the mix of the texture in the sweater and the print on the pants in this outfit.

  17. Lovely outfit, girly! I love how you paired these two patterns together with your super cute monochromatic hat!



  18. super cute hat!!

  19. 4àmèsh

  20. Cool sweater and amazing pants!!!
    Happy friday doll !!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  21. That dance class sounds fun!

  22. You amaze me with your fearless style. I can’t get over those shoes. Your photos are fantastic.


  23. I am so NOT a print person but you mixed these two textures and patterns like a pro. And shout out to the tattoo choker necklace I wore in 9th grade! I love that they’re back in style but I have 0 plans on rocking one this go round.

  24. Love your outfit! X Minale

  25. This look is so stunning! The way you’ve mixed the prints looks amazing 🙂

    Rachel xx

  26. wow, you look absolutely amazing! x

  27. This Is a go groups outfit, I love the boots!

  28. You look fantastic!!!:)

  29. This look is so cool, I love the pants so much and the shoes so much!!!

  30. Wow!!! This look is amazing!!!

  31. Wow perfect look! I love it! 🙂

  32. I love your hat! I wanted to buy very similar one in H&M, however, it got sold out so quickly in Poland ;/

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