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Hello beautifuls! Are you feeling uninspired by your wardrobe and don’t have the money to spend on buying new items? I have a solution to that, raid your grandmother’s closet! I can guarantee that you will find some hidden treasures. This coat was given to my mom from my grandma, and I managed to convince my mom to pass it on to me “indefinitely.” The colour and the fit is just so me, but I don’t look half as good as grandma did in it. It’s the colour of her eyes, and it smells like her perfume. And there I go upping my creepy blogger game my talking about the way my grandmother smells…

Photos By Ryanne:


Instagram: @ryannehollies

Olivia Aimes

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22 thoughts on “Sentiments

  1. Wooow!! Love your coat!!!! New post on my blog! ! Kiss

  2. Your photos look like they’re paintings! Great job 😉

  3. Awesome coat, what makes it even cooler is that your grandma and mom wore it! Love the photos. Great post.


  4. That coat!!!!! Love. And even better that it is from your Grandma. She must be quite a stylish lady.

  5. nice look! beautiful coat <3

  6. You look stunning!!!

  7. Great images!!!! You look fantastic!

  8. Stunning!! Amazing Pics!

  9. These photos are amazing! So jealous your grandma has such a stylish coat. I love this whole outfit!


  10. I love vintage clothes…and most of the pieces I have are passed on to me from my grandmother and mother. In my last post, I’m wearing my mother’s faux fur coat.
    you look fantastic in that blue coat…you really do…and I’m sure your granny rocked it, especially as you say it matched her eyes.

    Phenomenal outfit…I’m head over heels with this urban glam look.

  11. loving the coat !

  12. Wooow! Awesome photos! and nice outfit!!

  13. Your coat is EVERYTHING!


  14. In love with your coat!

  15. You look fabulous! I am absolutely loving all the different textures! x

  16. Love the coat! the blue looks amazing on you!

  17. Love this coat!! Xx Susanne –

  18. Hello! Fabulous ! I love your coat and the little story that goes with it !

  19. Oh my, this coat is amazing! I absolutely adore it 🙂 You look great and photos are perfect too 🙂

  20. I like your outfit!

  21. Love your t-shirts!!

  22. Such great look and gorgeous coat.LOVE it…!!!<3<3

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