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Dress, Romwe/ Shoes, Unif/ Coat, H&M/ Choker, Ebay

Hello beautifuls! The weather is warming up slowly which means less hats, scarves & gloves. But it’s still cold enough that you need to wear a coat. This is my almost spring look, which is really a desperate attempt to give all the winter wear a chance to see the light outside of my closet, before I have to stuff it into some bag and down to the locker room it goes. I wish I had more opportunities to wear this dress. The blue velvet itself makes it stand out, and then there’s a surprise waiting on the back.

Someone please give the dresses I’ve hoarded over the years a chance to be worn by sending us invites to fancy parties. We would really appreciate it.

Olivia Aimes

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32 thoughts on “Where The Party At

  1. Love the color of the dress, and the model! gorgeous!

  2. Love the cobalt blue and faux fur mix!

    House of Illusions

  3. Even more than the coat, I absolutely love your hair! Killer outfit!

  4. Love this dress! amazing,



  5. such a sick dress! love the 90’s grunge

  6. Your outfit is amazing. <'3 I would like to have these shoes, they look fantastic.

  7. Cool look! 🙂


  8. Those shoes are so chunky and amazing. The coat looks super cozy as well. Love this throwback to the 90s.

  9. That fur!!!! X, jenna

  10. Great shots! Your look AMAZING on this type of style!

    xxx from Tokyo

  11. I don’t go to parties …………… but if you’re gonna be there I’m in !

  12. I love this outfit!!! U look so cool and stylish and the dress is amazing i love how you wear it and the color of it!!!
    One word: FABOLOUS
    Kisses darling

  13. Wow, love your outfits! Thanks for commenting on my blog gave me the chance to get to know yours (:

  14. You are very pretty, love you long hair and great shoes

  15. I am so in love with that coat and that hair and those necklaces and those shoes and WOW I’m just in love.

  16. I love it!
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  17. That dress is gorgeous! Love your outfit! X Minale

  18. love the coat!!!! xoxo

  19. Very cool look! Love your edgy style. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Take care and keep in touch!



  20. Perfect!

  21. I love the blue so pretty

  22. I love this look! Very 90s club kid but still fresh. You need an all nighter to go to in that outfit.

  23. Love the pairing on this jacket with this dress! And your hair is sick!! love it!

    Blame It On Barneys

  24. cool outfit dear! i like 😉

    big kissesss

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  25. This dress is a stunning colour! I love the velvet.


  26. I like the dress.. yet not the shoes.. but nice idea for party tonight!

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