Le Fleur Rouge

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Top & Skirt, Shopbop/ Necklace, Happiness Boutique/ Boots, Steve Madden

Hello dolls! This may seem like a dress but it is in fact a two piece set from Renamed apparel. Which you probably already know if you watched my February Haul video on my youtube channel. You can find access to my youtube channel on the sidebar if you’re interested.

I know in my video I said lace but it’s actually a crocheted set. And it is so incredibly elegant, and I just don’t have anything to wear it to. So I wore it to the beach! Since it is crocheted and the skirt is a tight midi, it was quite constricting when large strides are required. At a party or walking on the street, this isn’t going to be a problem. But climbing boulders, not ideal. Poor Ryanne was getting a semi heart every time it looked as if I may take a plunge straight into the water.

Thank you Ryanne for practically carrying me and taking my pictures that day. Go check out her stuff below!

Photos By Ryanne:


Instagram: @ryannehollies

Olivia Aimes

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53 thoughts on “Le Fleur Rouge

  1. Jolie necklace ! 🙂

  2. Such great photos!!

    The Style Boro

  3. Love your outfit! Beautiful pics! X Minale

  4. Amazing look, dear! I add you on google +

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  6. beautiful 🙂

  7. Beautiful pictures and wonderful outfit!


  8. your hair looks amazing in these photos! such a cool necklace!

  9. Love the whole look! And the background looks magical!

  10. Love your style so much! You’re a magical little nugget lol

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  11. These are lovely shots! So beautiful, I want the dress!


  12. i love your set, the color looks great on you
    The Color Palette

  13. You look amazing. Those photos are stunning and beautiful <3


  14. So stunning! Love that necklace x


  15. Oh my gosh! That necklace is absolutely stunning!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  16. These photos are so beautiful, Olivia! They really make me want to go on vacation:)

    Love your lace set; it looks amazing with the necklace! And the background makes it stand out even more.


  17. The photos are really stunning dear!!


  18. WOW! Lovely set ♥
    I like it! 🙂

  19. These pictures are simply perfect <3

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  20. Oh I love this look so much, it’s so perfect for the seaside.
    And that necklace – wow! 😀


  21. That dress is sooo beautiful, and so are those pictures !


  22. These pictures are amazing, wow!


  23. wow! amazing!

  24. So pretty! Love your hair!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  25. I’m in love with that necklace!

    – Liz

  26. beautiful look + photos. that dress is so dreamy!

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  27. Your hair is so gorgeous!!! And the backdrop to these pictures are breathtaking xx

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  28. such a stunning dress *_* :3

  29. These photos are great! And you look SO good in red!

  30. What a daring necklace! These photos are so editorial. You have a good thing going on here.

  31. I love your dress! This color is so stunning <3

  32. The two piece is gorgeous, I love these photos!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  33. I would never have thought of pairing a lace red dress with this kind of turquoise necklace, but it looks very good !


  34. Wonderful pictures, loving your outfit! 🙂


  35. I absolutely take my hat off to Ryanne, as these images are stunning! A huge well done to both the photographer and you, the model, of course! You two make a great team 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  36. It looks like a dress in my first look! :)) I love this outfit. Cute necklace.

    Looking forward to see more of your posts. Do you have an instagram account? Maybe we could follow each other. Let me know by leaving a comment on my blog or sending me a request. I’ll follow back 🙂 Thanks!

    IG: @shairangelique

    Have a nice day!


  37. Amazing photos & location! I love this post!

    I’d love to keep in touch 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend!
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  38. These photos are so gorgeous!! That crocheted set is absolutely beautiful and it’s stunning with the necklace and your amazing hair. Love it from head to toe!


  39. Super! Loving the outfit! The background and you are amazing xx You can check out my new outfit post xx Mary


  40. I love that color on you. Everything about it is perfect! The necklace is great too!


  41. such a stunning outfit, love it 🙂


  42. Great pics and love your necklace!!


  43. In my opinion this is the most beautful photoshoot you have ever made! I love every details in this outfit!:)


  44. Wow!
    Love that style on you dear.

  45. LOVE this outfit!! Head to toe perfection! xx

  46. This look is PERFECT.. loving the dress!

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  48. So beautiful Olivia! Your hair is gorgeous! 🙂 x


  49. What a pretty outfit. I’m so loving the statement necklace that you’re wearing here!

    Clarie C.

  50. Just : wow !
    Nothing to add !

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