Watch Me Colour My Hair ( Dark to Blue )

Hello dolls! I’m so happy to see that you guys have been loving my mermaid hair. If you’re interested in watching how I went from dark to blue check out my video and subscribe to my channel HERE ! Please note that this is not a “How to” tutorial. If you want to attempt this I recommend you do a lot more research because bleaching your hair can potentially destroy it if you’re not careful. This is just what worked for my hair type.

Olivia Aimes

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13 thoughts on “Watch Me Colour My Hair ( Dark to Blue )

  1. Yay, really cool video, Olivia! Looking funky, babe! 😉


  2. Looks so beautiful, great job!!!!

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous, love the color!

  4. Your hair is beautiful. You’re so talented. Thanks for the great video.

  5. The results are great! Love your hair!


  6. You did a great job and you are so brave! I color my own hair but doing a dramatic color would make me so nervous
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  7. It looks beautiful, great video! X Minale

  8. It look amazing on you!!!! If I be honest, this is not something for me… but when I see in others I really love how it looks!
    Have a nice week lovely!
    Muaaaaaa! ♡

  9. Amazing video and hair <3 I'm a new subscriber xx

  10. I love it dear
    Your very brave to put blue hue on your hair
    I want it too

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  11. Awesome ombre, love the turn out!

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