Which Prom Dress Colours Work the Best for You?

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Have you gone dress shopping with your girlfriends where one prom dress just seems to have a pop of vibrance while another looks dull on you and you don’t know why. The problem is that in order for you to look radiant in your prom dress, the colour has to mesh well with skin tones, under tones, and hair colour.

While you definitely should look at dress colours that you like, you also need to consider surface skin tone, undertone, and hair colour. Maybe you absolutely love a red prom dress but you don’t have warm undertones; that’s all right, you can choose a red gown with cool blue undertones. Generally, your surface skin tone refers to the type of foundation you use like ivory, medium, or dark tan etc.

Your skin’s undertones are different though. You can test your undertone by pinching the back of your hand or looking at the colour of the veins on your wrist. If they’re bluish, then you can wear cool colours like royal blue, silver, fuschia, or purple. If you have warm tones you’d look better in cream, yellow, or an orangey-red.

In addition, you must also consider your hair colour. If you have dark hair, you’ll likely to have cool undertones. You will look best in black or white, hot pinks, and reds, while if you possess strawberry blonde locks, you’d look better in “Autumn” colours like gold, moss green, or chocolate brown.

The Best Prom Dress Colours

Now that you’ve narrowed down some colour choices, it’s time to shop. Consider perusing the selection of prom dresses at www.promdressshop.com as they carry a multitude of designers, styles, and colours for you to choose from.

• Try a universal colour such as plum because it looks flattering on all types of skin tones. Technically you may still want a variance of shades, such as a vivid purple for cooler skin tones but a more subtle violet or lavender for warmer skin tones. While traditionally those in royalty wore purple, it’s also referred to as a creative colour. Think about wearing one of these if you’re nominated as Prom Queen.

• Think about red prom dresses 2016. Red is known as a crossover colour, meaning that if it has an orange tint it works for warmer skin tones like tomato red, while if it possesses a bluish tint like ruby red, it’s ideal for cooler skin tones. In addition, red dresses exude power and strength, and is often associated with love or sexiness.

• Select a fun colour like silver that works well for either neutral skin tones or cooler skin tones. These sparkly, flirty dresses are often a good compromise between lots of colour and a traditional black gown, with just the right amount of fun to it. They’ll make you feel sophisticated, sexy, and classy all at the same time.

While this may seem overwhelming, going prom dress shopping can be lots of fun once you know which colours and styles best flatter you.


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