Top 3 autumn fashion trends

Every year it seems something new turns up during the Autumn season. For those who love to look the part, wear top designer name brand clothing, and wear the finest accessories, there are certain fashion trends you should be aware of as the weather gradually cools.

These are the top 3 Autumn fashion trends to look out for, and items to add to your wardrobe in the coming weeks of the year.

1. Going knit –
Knit wear seems to be in. Tweed coats, knit sweaters and jackets, lightweight blazers and jackets, you will see knit prints everywhere on the runway. Aran jumpers and cable knits, chunky cardigans, and similar patterns are a must add to your wardrobe this year. They are light, yet they are warm; they deliver a countering balance, and can be worn with jeans, skirts, pants or slacks, and nearly any pair of shoes or accessories. Further, you can dress them up or down, so they can be worn for any occasion or event you are going to attend.

2. Poking the collar –
When wearing a Polo shirt or any shirt with a collar for that matter, the poked collar style is back. Poke the collar over your favourite jumper or lightweight coat; or, go for the modern and casual style or the starched dress shirt with poked collar when dressing up for an event. Choose interesting fabrics for pointing collars to add a more distinct style to your wardrobe as well. Chain-link metal, silk, stripped cotton, and similar patterns look elegant, sleek, and will give you that distinct look you want to wear.

3. Go military –
Choosing the right coat for this autumn season is simple this year. Look for long, heavy, military style trench coats, as they can go well with any outfit. Both men and women will enjoy these heavier, longer coats this year. And, with dark green, or a darker, bold brown, you can go with a solid print, or something which features a distinct pattern or checkers, allowing you to dress up or down during colder weather days. Oversized is in, and you can wear these coats for nearly any occasion or with any outfit.

When choosing items to purchase for the upcoming months, these are some fashion trends to look for. Not only will they allow you to stand out in a crowd, but will help give you the perfect accent pieces for dressing up, dressing down, or for any occasion you are attending. Home shopping catalogues such as and Fashion World offer great places to start your search for the latest fashion trends. Justcatalogues is the place to go for the most popular fashion catalogues as they provide reviews and guides of which catalogues are the best for different products.

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  7. Such a trendy and fall look! Love it dear! The top is my favorite x Mary

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