As Red As The Heart



Dress, Sammydress/ Boots, CN_Direct/ Necklace, Target

Hi my loves! Does this fast-paced, social media driven society get overwhelming for anyone else? I find that when I don’t take a break, my anxiety sky rockets and I start to feel claustrophobic. I’ve been on a roll with my blog posts and youtube since 2016 hit, but if I’m not careful I find that my self esteem and mood is determined by my comments, likes and follows. So I took a much needed break last week for my mental well being, and boy was it a relief! Stepping back and remembering that I am more than my instagram and that it does not determine my self-worth did me some good as silly as it sounds. But I suspect that I’m not the only one who suffers from this new age issue every now and then. Did you know that Social Media Anxiety Disorder actually exists? Man, our parents had it good. All they had to worry about were telephone calls and written letters.

Don’t get me wrong. I love social media when it’s not driving me mad! Which happens to be 95% of the time. It has allowed us to connect with people across the world and share our stories. Like I do on my blog and youtube! So I’m more than delighted to be presenting you with a romantic look I created using a beautiful dress from Sammydress! This was actually my Valentine’s Day look but it’s cute enough for any occasion!

Olivia Aimes

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9 thoughts on “As Red As The Heart

  1. So glad you are smart enough to take breaks from cyber city. You obviously have a very sharp and lovely mind so yes please do what you can to protect it. That dress is so beautiful and your hair is gorgeous.

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. This is a very cute dress, I really like the cut – even if I’d wear a tulle skirt underneath I guess to bring out the A-line (;

    The whole situation concerning Social Media is very difficult. Most of the time it’s so much fun, as you wrote, it’s a possibility to connect with each other, no matter what time or place you are. But sometimes there’s this little voice in the back of my mind saying “Do more, make it better, higher, faster” while I’m doing as much as I can, and give my best. It’s difficult. Social Media defines us, we define us with Social Media. But we shouldn’t.

    I hope you’ll have fun with being active on Social Media again.

    Have a nice day,

  3. Hey that’s cool! I love these pics

    Alice Cerea,
    Blog di Alice Cerea

  4. Oh wow you are so beautiful!!!! Love your outfit <3

  5. I love your dress darling!! Absolutely amazing! *-*
    HAve a nice day !

  6. Super chic style, I love how colorful you are <3

    / Alix N,

  7. Your correct. Recently I also stopped being on Instagram and took the time to do other things like reading books. A tip I can give you is to close your phone in the evening and enjoy cooking, watch a movie, sport or just being and talking with real peepz. Great post and lovely dress! xx

  8. Great look!!

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    Also have a look at my photography page: Photography

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