A Red Dress In Japan

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Dress, CN Direct/ Necklace, Vintage/ Earrings, Forever 21

I don’t usually wear dresses in this style and print, but I got sent it for some freelance modelling I was doing a while back. It was a little big for me so I had it clipped at the back, and I still don’t know how I feel about it, but I think it was refreshing to try something new. I added a choker and hoops to make it a little more edgy.

I probably wouldn’t be able to wear something like this out in Japan. In Canada, or I guess I can say the “western world,” generally speaking it’s not a big deal for a woman to show some skin like cleavage. Here it’s considered inappropriate (a big no no). I’m a strong believer in women being able to do what they want with their body, and dress however they choose to without being shamed. Not that anyone would openly attack someone here because politeness is expected of everyone. Gender equality seems to be far from where we are today in the west, and it seems to be on the top of my list of cons of living in Japan so far. Thankfully, there are way more pros than cons. And if you are planning a trip to Japan, don’t worry! Being a foreigner gives you a free pass on wearing your lacey For Love & Lemons crop top!

If you’re curious on what it’s like living in Japan! Check out my videos. 🙂

Olivia Aimes

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4 thoughts on “A Red Dress In Japan

  1. I love your hair! So pretty! xo, Sophia from http://www.sistersandglitters.com

  2. Olivia, I absolutely adore you and your style – you look ultra chic in that dress! <3

    x Alix N,
    @ http://www.acommonobsession.com

  3. I love that dress! You look so stunning!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

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